Dow Jones DNA

    HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Wordpress

    Develped the webpage and web assets for Dow Jones’ biggest product launch to date, Dow Jones DNA.

    Scripted grid animation using HTML5 Canvas. The grid glows when mouse movement is detected, while the radius of the glow increases and decreases depending on the speed of movement. The grid lines is dynamically generated based on resolution, with the lines being positioned evenly along the horizontally axis.

    Dow Jones Sales Dock

    Web App
    AngularJS, SASS, Gulp

    Develped a web application for displaying PDFs and YouTube video embeds. This application is used as a sales tool for Dow Jones Marketing staff.

    WSJ / Dow Jones Animated Ads

    Web Animation
    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, GSAP

    As part of my role at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal I developed animated HTML5 banner ads using Javascript, CSS3 and GSAP.

    I was also responsible for making these ads compatible with DoubleClick for tracking.

    WSJ Commercial Partnerships

    HTML5, SASS, AngularJS, Gulp

    One of The Wall Street Journal’s strategic goals is to grow subscriptions outside of the U.S. through mutually beneficial commercial partnerships. The new initiative offers partners the opportunity to create a more compelling and valuable customer package, as well as the capacity to leverage the power of the Journal’s content and brand for their own purposes. A growing source of revenue in subscription sales, the commercial partnerships team currently relies on paper handouts and PDFs as sales materials, and needs a sleek microsite to house their sales collateral while potentially leveraging the site to improve efficiency for other sales purposes.

    Flinders University Website

    HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Wordpress

    Helped establish Flinders University's new online look and feel with the design and development of their new website.

    Flinders Uni Open Days Scheduler 2015

    Web App
    HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile

    I designed and developed a web app for Flinders University Open Days using JQuery Mobile. Using the app students can explore and read about information sessions, create their own schedule and locate the whereabouts of sessions on the map.

    I developed the application with the intention of packaging it as a cross-platform Mobile Apps using PhoneGap, however the University decided against this approached so it was released via the website as a web app.

    The session information is loaded from XML data sheets using jQuery AJAX.

    Flinders Uni Open Days

    HTML5, CSS3, Flash

    Open Days is a series of events where attendants can explore their future campus and chat with current students, academics and industry professionals.

    I was responsible for creating the website and developing an app for users to create their own schedule and locate the whereabouts of information sessions on the map.

    As part of the project I created an animated ad for digital display at Westfield Marion Shopping center. I then integrated the animation into the website design.

    Follow Them Around


    Built a website for following Radiohead on The King of Limbs World Tour. Nearly all the gigs were available to watch via the website by the end of the tour.